AT&T Internet: High speed, without the high price

Consistent speed and a dedicated connection – that’s what you get with AT&T Internet.

Service from other Internet providers might deliver speed – at a price. Or the price is right – but your speed is anything but reliable. AT&T Internet is different. You get blazing fast speeds on a connection you won’t share with neighbors, like you would with cable Internet.

Bonuses are nice too. With AT&T High Speed Internet, you can also get:

  • Fan Zone – Access for casual fans and die-hards to your favorite college and pro teams. Check in on scores, stats, and look up athletes and the competition
  • Hot Spots – More than 30,000 coast to coast. Don’t rely on iffy municipal Wi-Fi. With AT&T Internet service, you have access to the private AT&T network
  • Price guarantee – Lock in the low price on your AT&T Internet service for 12 months

Why pick AT&T High Speed Internet?

You need an Internet connection that can keep up with you. AT&T Internet service gives you that.

Connect as many as 10 devices

  • Connect to Wi-Fi and save data usage on your mobile plan
  • Connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • The Gateway has an integrated router to turn your home into a hotspot

Email and email protection

  • As many as 11 email accounts, so virtually everyone gets one
  • Transfer messages and addresses from another account
  • AT&T MailGuard includes anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-phish protection

AT&T Online protection

  • Firewall, anti-spyware and anti-virus programs
  • Parental controls let you set parameters for family
  • Pop-up blocker keeps intrusive and often harmful windows from opening

You get access to AT&T Fan Zone, for the latest on your favorite sports teams. And the home page is customizable with a ton of content sources!

AT&T Internet plans

AT&T offers broadband Internet plans to fit the speed you need.

EXPRESS: Get up to 1.5Mbps. Basic web activity is a breeze with Express.

PRO: Get up to 3Mbps. It’s strong enough for two users and for streaming music and movies.

ELITE: Get up to 6Mbps. Perfect for the home with multiple users on more than one device.

You could go even faster! Call with your address ready to see the speeds available in your area.

AT&T High Speed Internet: Bundle with AT&T phone and save

Get two reliable services and one low price, when you bundle AT&T Internet and phone.

Mobile phones are convenient, but don’t always get a strong signal in your house. AT&T home phone comes through the same dedicated network as your super-fast Internet connection.

AT&T phone service is:

RELIABLE – Won’t drop virtually any calls or give you spotty coverage like a mobile phone

FAMILY FRIENDLY – Talk to friends and family around the country

CONVENIENT – Rely on the AT&T connection when you work from home

AT&T Internet service: Switch and bundle, today!

Choose AT&T Internet, home phone or a cost-saving bundle. AT&T is your fast track to better communication and entertainment. Our knowledgeable experts are ready to tell you more about your options. Let us help you pick the AT&T High Speed Internet plan that fits you best.

Call today!